​Rates & Locations

You can still book online lessons.

I am here for you, whereever you are!


Offline lessons take place in 1070 Vienna, depending on the possibility and taking into account all safety precautions.

Find all rates for Austria here:

I have a strong desire that everyone who wants to empower and work on her/his voice should have great vocal lessons, so if it is impossible for you to pay these rates atm, please do contact me. I try to provide 1-2 social rate places.


Please read the cancellation policy before your first lesson! Quality has its value and price!

Trust is very important for me in my work, for you as students and me as coach.

Therefor I require a 26-hour advance notice of cancellation before your lesson (unless there is an emergency like sickness, Covid-19 symptoms/a positive results or an accident; this is considered at the time of the event). You are expected to pay for a full lesson if you don't cancel without 26-hour notice. I would appreciate time to contact another student who could perhaps use that available time.

Thank you for your collaboration!


Solo Session

50 minutes

OFFLINE Vocal/Musicsession

from € 40,-

Solo Session

30 - 50 minutes

ONLINE Musicsession

from € 35,-

Chor / Band Coaching

60-120 minutes


by arrangement

Präsenz/ Auftritt


45 - 60 Minuten



from € 60,-

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