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Speech and voice coaching

The way how you say something is often more important than what you say. We use our voice to convey emotions and messages, our opinions or ideas. We negotiate, we make pitches, facilitate, agree; communicate and present ourselves. Dealing with the voice pays off.

Set your own focus on speaking, presence, facilitation or agree with me on a combination that is right for you and strengthens your vocal performance! You decide!

Contact me now for your non-binding introductory phone call!

"Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

In my voice and speech coaching, following T. Roosevelt (who was very fond of this West African Proverb), it is not only about the volume in the voice but about the coherence in the voice; in the person.
I wish for a world full of colourful voices and potentials and places
where this diversity can be lived.
Join me and get to know your potentials in a one-to-one training
and/or with your colleagues or team members.

Use and expand your diversity!

Settings und Fokus

Individual Training

Tailored, very effective voice training is possible in one-on-one training. Training your voice will give you more confidence. Get to know your vocal potential and implement it!

You determine the focus!


In small groups you will learn your voices in a safe and appreciative atmosphere

know better.

Experience new content and exercises together and stay tuned after the workshop as a group!

You determine the focus!


Teamwork thrives on successful communication. How we talk to each other shapes the corporate climate. In my seminars (in-house training, on-the-job training, webinar or online training) we work on individual vocal potential and group goals.

Depending on the profession and your wishes, I adapt the content and exercises.


speech technique for


As teachers, we use our voice 6-8 hours a day. Reason enough to know our voice well and to be able to handle it confidently. A confident use of the voice strengthens not only you as a teacher but also your listeners.


presence & performance

Whether in professional life or on stage, learn to always be present and genuine and bring consistency into your body language, voice and behavior!


speech technique

Learn to use the voice more easily and at the same time more assertively without burdening it! For speaking professions, teachers, presenters, executives, therapists, doctors, interested parties


facilitation & communication

Do you want to communicate in a strength-oriented manner, formulate more clearly, no longer let yourself be "run over" and get tools for good facilitation?

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