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Where do the classes take place?
The offline lessons take place in 1070 Vienna,
depending on the possibility and taking into account all safety precautions.
3G+ proof is mandatory.

Are there also online lessons?
Yes, of course. For the online sessions I use the Zoom platform. You will need a quiet place, a stable internet connection, a laptop with a camera and for vocal lessons possibly a playback for your desired song (we will discuss).

I would like to work on my voice -.
It has been a need of mine for a long time. How can you help me?
Showing interest in your voice is the first step and in my opinion a good one - because your voice is YOUR acoustic fingerprint. I can accompany you to make yourself more audible, to get more involved with your voice, to perceive it and yourself in different situations and to deal with it in a flexible way. I work with exercises from breathing and speech techniques, speech therapy, presence work and communication theory (and of course vocal technique when singing).

Can I come to class as a couple?
Yes, of course. Learning from each other and singing together is inspiring and fun.
For each extra person I charge € 10,- in addition to the normal price.

I have heard that "everyone can sing".
I'm not quite sure if that applies to me ;) - can I learn it anyway?

Yes, you can learn. As long as you can speak - your vocal folds are vibrating freely and there are no other diseases in the larynx/lung area, you can sing ;)... so now you can start - with a lot of patience, desire and openness.

Can I deduct voice coaching for tax purposes?
Voice technique or voice coaching can usually be deducted if you consult with your employer or if you need your voice for your self-employment (speaking professions, therapy, ...). Especially if you are employed, ask your employer in advance. As a professional musician, it should also be possible to deduct vocal training. It is best to ask your tax advisor about this.

What happens if I have to cancel?
Please read the cancellation clause before we work together:

In lessons, whether in individual, small group or group settings, trust and reliability are especially important to me as a coach. Working and making music together has a high value and quality for both partners - and quality has its price, so please understand that I have to charge 100% for appointments that are not cancelled 26 hours in advance, or count units within a block as counted.

EXCEPTIONS: limiting or contagious illness,

Covid-19 symptoms/positive test result, acute accident, bereavement.

Tarife: Portfolio

vocal coaching

50 Minuten

OFFLINE Vocal/Musicsession

single session: € 95-*

5 clip card: € 375,- 

10 clip card: € 700,-

* + € 10,- extra per person

Public Speaker

Performance and presentation CoAching

3 x 50 Minutes

Targeted for your presentation, performance, online meeting, or teaching performance.

price on request


Voice / Presence

50 Minutes

Regular and

"friendly support" rate

on request


Choir / band coaching & Workshops


by arrangement

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